What is HIIT And Why it works

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is cardiovascular exercise consisting of a combination of medium intensity exercise with short bursts of high intensity exercise. This approach can be applied to almost any type of cardiovascular exercises. Why it worksStudies have shown that HIIT boosts endurance, increases metabolism, regulates insulin levels and burns more …

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Feeling blue? Eat these foods and hit the gym!

It has long been said that proper diet and exercise can enhance your mood, but how? Let’s start with EXERCISE; Exercise produces SerotoninSerotonin is the feel-good chemical that regulates our mood. Just 30 minutes of Cardiovascular exercise per day stimulates blood flow to the brain and increases serotonin. Exercise detoxifies the bodyThe lymph nodes are …

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Tips to get your kids eating healthy

Lead by example The first and most obvious way is to eat healthy yourself! Chow down on some raw vegetables or a crunchy apple as a snack and it won’t be long before your little ones begin to mimic your behavior. Get the timing right The best time to present your kids with healthy snacks …

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