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Tips to get your kids eating healthy

  1. Lead by example

The first and most obvious way is to eat healthy yourself! Chow down on some raw vegetables or a crunchy apple as a snack and it won’t be long before your little ones begin to mimic your behavior.

  • Get the timing right

The best time to present your kids with healthy snacks or meals is when they are starving. If you have ever taken your kids swimming or gone swimming yourself, you know what happens when you get out of the water, you are hit with a massive hunger attack. This is the perfect time to bring out the fresh fruits and vegetables. They will devour anything you put in front of them, and they will develop a liking for certain foods that they may not have liked before.

  • Stock up on healthy foods

If the pantry and fridge are full of healthy choices, then your little angels (or big angels) won’t be able to make unhealthy choices.

  • Get them Involved

Get your kids involved in the shopping the chopping, the washing, whatever they are able to do. It will give them a greater appreciation for their meal.