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5 Tips to Eat Drink And Be Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us!
which means good times and good food with family and friends.
But what does it mean for your eating habits?
For many of us it means overindulging, but it doesn’t have to.
You can easily eat drink AND be healthy this holiday season with these 5 simple tips;

1. Fill up on your own home-made healthy meal

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If you’re attending a potluck dinner, make sure to bring your favorite healthy dish and fill up on it if there are no other healthy options. If you do not have the option to bring your own dish then eat at home before the party, then you won’t be starving at party time, and you will be able to enjoy the party food in small portions.

2. Fill up on Healthy Appetizers

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When it comes to appetizers, skip the cheese and crackers and chips and dip. Instead, head for the vegetable platter. You’ll benefit from a healthy dose of fiber vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and you won’t be starving when it comes time for dinner.

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3. Focus on Proteins and Vegetables

When in doubt, fill your plate with protein and vegetables. To avoid unintentional weight gain, minimize pasta potatoes and bread(including stuffing!)

4. Minimize Alcohol and Cocktails

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good “bottoms up'” during the holidays, but it is important to remember that alcohol and cocktail mixes can pack on the pounds faster than you can say happy new year! Alcohol and the sugar in cocktail mixes provide fast fuel for the body, which means that all the other fuel from food intake gets stored guessed it, fat. When it comes to alcohol and cocktails, its best to enjoy them in moderation or avoid them all together. Instead, opt for a glass of sparkling water on the rocks!

5. Choose healthy dessert options

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When it comes to dessert, skip the cakes, cookies and ice cream. Instead, head for the fruit platter. You will get more than your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

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